When to consider SD-WAN

  • If you are reaching end-of-support router refresh or MPLS contract renewal
  • If you have a complex and disparate WAN environment
  • If you are deploying Internet to offload traffic from MPLS at branch sites
  • If you are transitioning to SaaS (O365/Salesforce/cloud voice)

SD-WAN does:

  • Enable better value from your network
  • Increase site resiliency and reduce business risk
  • Improve user access to SaaS
  • end-to-end application visibility
  • Reduce complexity and improve repeatability (lowering overheads)

SD-WAN won't necessarily:

  • Save on carriage costs
  • Remove the need for MPLS
  • Fix underlying WAN issues

The role of SD-WAN for network security and experience

SD WAN role Charlie Tannous The rush to cloud and remote work has highlighted the importance of secure network and SD-WAN technologies for driving modernisation.
According to Charlie Tannous, Director of Technology at Secure Agility, the ability to have a seamless experience, whether you’re on a platform in public cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment and overlaying security on top is very important.
“You don’t want your data to be leaked in a public cloud, especially in world where you’ve got users logged in at home. You want them to have that same seamless experience as well, when interfacing with other parties that they’re working with. Your security posture has changed and it’s no longer centralised. Now you have to focus on protecting all of the users no matter where they are.”

To ensure that you are continuing to put customers at the forefront, security, speed to market and customer experience are all important steps for the modernisation of your IT. SD-Wan can do that.


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5 use cases for SD-WAN

As digital businesses are moving applications to the cloud, IT is being challenged to find an easier way to connect users and devices to cloud applications. SD-WAN delivers applications to users and devices across any cloud without compromising on visibility, security, or performance

Secure Automated WAN.

Because of increasing demands on today’s networks, IT organizations need to migrate away from traditional, operationally complex WANs, to an agile controller-based WAN with robust security features.

Application performance optimisation.

Design a global network where the critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service level agreements (SLAs) and optimal performance, even if problems occur in the network.

Secure Direct Internet Access.

DIA enables branch employees and guests to connect to the Internet locally, offloading traffic through the WAN while increasing security and improving Internet performance. The result is efficient and cost-effective access to the Internet with direct access from the branch.

Branch multicloud access.

Connect users to cloud applications and infrastructure seamlessly with unified visibility and management.

Regional Hub access.

Simplify multicloud adoption by consolidating cloud access and security policies into regional colocation facilities that are close to all major SaaS and public cloud providers.


View an infographic that highlights the benefits of SD-WAN for enterprises

SD-WAN at a glance

Case Study:

Read how implementing a SD-WAN helped a major Australian commercial property company accelerate their staff productivity and reduce network management and costs.

sdwan case study


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