A new cloud security posture with managed next generation firewalls to prevent access for unauthorised actors and help maintain regulatory compliance.

At a glance:


  • Organisations looking to innovate and adopt cloud-centric technology and mobility to empower their performance.


  • To manage and enhance security of their corporate network perimeter as it extends out and becomes blurred by increasing cloud service use.


  • A 24×7, fully-managed firewall as a service with support for on-premise, cloud hosted and SD-WAN enabled firewalls.


  • Reassurance and compliance via SLA backed monitoring and management of firewalls to protect against malicious attacks, unauthorised access, and inappropriate activity.

PERIMETER PROTECT4 is a managed firewall to the power of four.


The network perimeter is evolving and so should the firewall. Cloud service adoption has made the network edge critical for securing the organisation and protecting from threats and breaches.


Now that the office is borderless, Secure Agility’s PERIMETER PROTECT4 service integrates all the components to deliver a secure network edge to protect your network, staff, data, and business. And you don’t need in-house network or security engineers to make it happen.

Say goodbye to the cost and complexity of managing firewalls.

Next-generation firewall

PERIMETER PROTECT4 delivers a fully managed virtual or physical network perimeter security solution based on next-generation technology, including stateful and deep packet inspection, IDS and IPS and malware filtering.

Use what you have:

Leverage your existing investment in firewall infrastructure and add our expertise for ongoing monitoring and management of your perimeter security.

Scale as you grow:

PERIMETER PROTECT4 is sized to fit your requirements: from small sites to head offices through to data centres. High availability firewalls are standard.

Capability uplift:

Improve your security posture and visibility with options for integrated SD-WAN for better network utilisation and end-user accessibility to cloud. You can also add a secure web gateway to extend network perimeter security to end-user devices and secure web traffic and SaaS applications for remote workers.

On-boarding and support:

Get expert support from our Australia-based Network Operations Centre (NOC). PERIMETER PROTECT4 is an integrated solution with expert planning, on-boarding and support. There are also options for national business and after-hours support.

Managed service:

We take the complexity out of firewalls and network security by integrating all the technology components and performing ongoing management.

PERIMETER PROTECT4 forms a key component in the Prevent and Detect staged of your security response cycle


Optional components:

Managed end-point protection:

Secure your devices with antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Manged SD-WAN:

Bridge disparate sites into an integrated network with the datacentre with Secure Agility’s SD-WAN. Also gain end to end network visibility and reporting.

Managed load balancers:

Distribute network traffic seamlessly with managed load balancers.

Managed Web gateway:

Add a web gateway to extend network perimeter security to end-user devices and secure web traffic and SaaS applications for remote workers.

All Customer Firewalls are monitored 24x7, managed and secured

Perimeter Protect On-Premise


Perimeter protect Secure Agility Cloud Hosted


Perimeter Protect Public Cloud Hosted


Say goodbye to the cost and complexity of managing firewalls.

Work is changing:

Staff need the flexibility to work at a desk or on the road, with a network that is secure.

Today’s hybrid work and cloud world demands flexible network security where the traditional perimeter extends well beyond the office walls

Transform with confidence:

PERIMETER PROTECT4 is an important starting point for business transformation. With better network security that is adaptable to a rapidly changing market, your organisation can develop new products and services with confidence, without the legacy network.

Keep out the bad guys:

Wherever you work, networks and client devices still need to keep persistent threats out. PERIMETER PROTECT4 uses next-generation technology to stay ahead of threats.

Add skills, remove complexity:

Network security is complex, but IT managers can reduce the overhead and resources they need with PERIMETER PROTECT4. Don’t hire specialist skills for network security if you don’t need to.


How do I move my firewall to PERIMETER PROTECT4?

Secure Agility is here to help. Our on-boarding specialists and project managers will help migrate your existing firewalls to PERIMETER PROTECT4.

Can I keep using what we already have?

Yes, we can help use what perimeter security investments you already have made.

Does it work with Cloud-hosted firewalls?

Yes, PERIMETER PROTECT4 applies to both on-premises and cloud hosted firewalls in the Secure Agility Cloud (OurDC4), Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Is PERIMETER PROTECT4 a shared service?

No, Secure Agility’s PERIMETER PROTECT4 is not a shared (multi-tenant) firewall service and uses dedicated firewalls for your enterprise.


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