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  • Government agency and Enterprise IT managers, CIOs and directors.


  • Commercial and government application and infrastructure hosting in government-grade data centres.


  • A complete and secure Data centre-as-a-Service with supported, enterprise-grade cloud server and storage infrastructure.


  • A secure, high-performance platform for business and government IT service delivery and digital transformation with high availability and predictable costs.

Take your data centre to the next level with OurDC4, a secure and integrated data centre-as-a-service built for the most demanding applications.

By integrating three unique partner technologies to build identical, standalone cloud environments, our investment saves you time and cost.

Supported by Secure Agility and partners Cisco, Pure Storage and Rubrik, get the most out of your data centre with a complete DC-as-a-Service platform for enterprise and government.


Easy and Integrated

Combined automation, orchestration and capacity management for faster, more consistent provisioning and availability.


Only pay for what you use with no need to over-provision. Option to burst additional workloads into the public cloud when required.


OurDC4 infrastructure has all flash storage only with no tiering, it’s all performance-based. For data protection there are predefined options for backup frequency, retention, replication and archiving.

Fully-managed and Fault-tolerant

OurDC4 is monitored and managed 24×7 and has identical cloud infrastructure in each availability zone for greater fault-tolerance.

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Where is the infrastructure located?

Your data resides in Australia. OurDC4 is housed in two NSW GovDC data centres and another private enterprise data centre, also located in NSW.

What is GovDC?

The NSW Government has adopted a new approach to the use of ICT and government data centres (GovDC) are purpose-built, modern, reliable, energy-efficient and secure, and support the new approach to buying and using ICT services 'on-tap'. GovDC operates around-the-clock and provides a level of reliability that many agencies could not previously afford.

What technologies are used to deliver OurDC4?

Secure Agility has built a new cloud environment in GovDC by combining the credibility, skills and features of its partners: Cisco (compute); Pure Storage (storage); Rubrik (data backup and recovery).

Where is your support team?

Secure Agility has an Australia-based support desk and all infrastructure is monitored 24x7 and has industry-leading availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.

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To the power of 4


Discover OurDC to the power of four with Secure Agility’s partnerships with Cisco, Pure Storage and Rubrik.


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