At a glance:


  • Organisations seeking to create efficiencies or a knowledge-based competitive advantage.


  • To turn movement of trucks, machinery, people, ships or cycles into actionable insights.


  • A smart, visual based analytics and dashboarding engine that is durable and can be employed at the edge.


  • Real time customised work flows, tailored to the business’ outcomes to manage the data and key events created

Move IoT is an innovative visual-based IoT solution

The system uses cameras (with inbuilt AI) and a custom AI running on a smart edge computing platform, to digitally ‘see’ different types of transport space users. Critically, this robust, network-flexible solution can identify space, velocity and direction and then present the information on custom dashboards.


The solution goes beyond generating data using AI. It allows for customised workflows tailored to the business outcomes to manage the data and key events created from it.


This is now live solution, providing Transport for NSW with the transport space and use data analytics to help with the design. See live date here: Walking and cycling counts | Transport for NSW

Case study:

The Cycleways Move IoT Solution has been developed to provide local councils with data and analytics into cycleway behaviour that can be used to ensure cycleways are safe, attractive, and optimised.  Case Study: Secure Agility developed an IoT Solution for Transport for NSW – Secure Agility

“We have very good collaboration between Secure Agility, Cisco, Transport for NSW’s Lighthouse Innovation Projects and Active Transport teams. Secure Agility is like an extension of my team”

– Sandeep Mathur, Director, Active Transport Portfolio, Date & Analytics, Transport for NSW


Application use cases:


<h3>Pedestrian Safety</h3>

Pedestrian Safety

<h3>Road Maintenance</h3>

Road Maintenance

<h3>Vehicle Movement Logistics</h3>

Vehicle Movement Logistics

<h3>Urban Design</h3>

Urban Design


Edge Based

Reduces central computer resources required


Mobile Network Optimised

Reduces cost, increases reliability and provides flexibility




Only streams metadata if required


Beyond Just Data

Customised workflows tailored to requirements

Platform Elastic

Can be adapted to new use cases without recoding