At a glance:


  • Innovators within any organisation, including start-up companies, government agencies or enterprises that want to prove things can be done in a better way.


  • To launch the right product, the first time and on time.


  • The people, technology, software development and commercialisation capability to create successful products.


  • Product design, development and launch in low-risk, fixed-price sprints you can control.

It is easy to burn through time and resources on application and product development in an endless cycle of build and re-build. For development that is fast, rigorous and cost effective, Secure Agility Innovation with Block8 can scope the problem (or opportunity) and build towards a launched product in clearly defined stages, meaning you have control over costs and deliverables.


We address issues that can choke your growth:

<h3>How to remove costs from doing business with your suppliers, partners and customers.</h3>

How to remove costs from doing business with your suppliers, partners and customers.

<h3>How to improve privacy and data control for end-users.</h3>

How to improve privacy and data control for end-users.

<h3>How to “talk digitally” to your customers.</h3>

How to “talk digitally” to your customers.

<h3>How to create process improvement via common shared applications.</h3>

How to create process improvement via common shared applications.

Shared capability

Software development

• Blockchain & DLT applications
• Mobile & Web applications
• Solution architecture
• Agile delivery management

Product innovation

• Product ownership & management
• Product discovery & research
• Micro & macro analysis
• Data-driven UX design

Enterprise consulting

• Digital transformation
• Blockchain advisory
• Prototyping & proof of concepts
• Technology & product roadmaps

Infrastructure and security

• Turnkey cloud infrastructure
• DevOps as a service
• Scalability, reliability and security


• Game theory & incentive design
• Network effect design
• Economic modelling and forecasting

Blockchain system design

• Trustless system design
• Defining & tokenising value
• Public & private smart contracts

The innovation process

Our Innovation process is split into four stages, each with well-defined, fixed-price engagements so that you retain control and certainty over your commitment. We can move as fast as you like.

The innovation process

1. Discovery:

The Discovery phase involves 1 to 2 sprints per iteration.

Key insights
• Validate: problems and personas
• Prioritise: objectives
• Viability: Go or no-go

2. Product Design & Testing:

This phase involves 1 to 2 sprints per iteration

Key insights:
• Brainstorm: solution concepts
• Hypothesise: experimental questions
• Experiment: test hypotheses

Includes ‘High Fidelity’ mockups that work as if an application is live, but without the need for expensive coding. Perfect for demonstrating to stakeholders – ‘See it before you code it.’

3. Development:

This phase involves 4 to 6 sprints per major release*

Key insights:

• Build: User stories through a prioritised backlog

4. Measure & Evaluate:

This phase involves ongoing post-production

Key insights:

✓ Measure: success against OKRs

✓ Learn & ideate: product improvements

Case customers

australian mortgage marketplace logo



Key outcomes: tokenisation and smart contracts of residential mortgage backed securities.

Australian Mortgage Marketplace (AMM) is a retail neo-lender based in Sydney. AMM engaged Block8 to design and build a greenfield DLT system to hold residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) within a trusted network of investors, trustees and the regulator to ensure a consistent view of ownership.

Initially significant business process modelling was conducted to understand the multiparty workflow and re-engineer the process using smart contracts. The new product, “Carbon,” orchestrates workflow between parties for the offer and sale of RMBS, payment of disbursements, and ongoing trust fund management.

The system is designed to run on R3’s Corda.

• Disrupting the $1.7T Australian home loans market
• Loan approvals in 15 minutes
• A world first to tokenise RMBS
• Now in live beta with a mortgage broker partner

“Block8 has bought the technical aspects of our vision to life, and we are now building the world’s first mortgage securitisation blockchain – which is an evolutionary leap in securitisation.”
– Luke Andersen, CTO of Australian Mortgage

Block8 Australian Mortgage

mystake logo

myStake is a reg-tech platform which navigates the corporate legal and regulatory landscape to bring significant process improvement to unlisted company share trading. The product automates corporate actions including ASIC compliance, options management, and distributions.


This blockchain system is designed to:


• Digitise the issuance and transfer of company shares and automate regulator compliance
• View holdings, company activity and share performance over time
• Provide and maintain a single source of truth for the company register
• Automate an immutable audit trail for all corporate actions
• Engage shareholders by mobile device

“The myStake product showcases Block8’s ability to operate at the intersection of regulation and technology.”
– Matthew Mills, CEO of myStake Pty Ltd


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