Coronavirus means we’ll have to be more cautious.

As the impact of Coronavirus continues to evolve, we wanted to inform you of the precautions we are taking to help prevent the impact of this event and to protect our customers and staff.

As partners, our collective safety is of the utmost importance. Primarily we are being guided by the official advice provided from Government regarding restrictions and precautions.

Our staff visiting your site may be affected:

As Secure Agility regularly sends engineering and technical staff out to customer sites, we suggest that those staff are guided either by the rules of that workplace, or the official advice – whichever is the more prudent. This may mean that some assigned engineers or staff may not be able to attend your site at short notice – we apologise for this.

Consulting continues, but with extra caution.

Our Sales and technical teams will exercise caution at meetings and may change meetings on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that this may mean last-minute changes from a face-to-face meeting to a virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams or Webex.

We have measures in place to continue operating…

All of our team, including Service Desk staff, are able to continue regular work from home should it be required, and all of our cloud and managed services are secured as they reside in data centres that always operate under rigid security and continuity provisions.

Thank you for your understanding. I will keep you informed should anything materially change.

…however, some hardware in in short supply.

Our hardware partners are experiencing some delays or shortages due to reduced production in China and increased local demand, especially with laptops.  Our team will do the best to exploring all sources or recommending alternative options where possible.

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Coronavirus Official Updates

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