“The challenge has become melding not just the IaaS provider with the internal IT, but all the other disparate SaaS and PaaS providers, combined with the breadth of services now available such as Containerisation and Serverless computing. The environment is going to get more complex. However, the basics are the same then, now and in the future.” – Jason McClure, Sliced Tech

The Continued Evolution of Cloud

Basic Cloud uses SaaS applications and public cloud services for development testing and other use cases. Hybrid-Cloud allows businesses to run the same application seamlessly on premises and in a public cloud while Multi-Cloud provides the ability to use the most appropriate cloud, whether on premises or public, for each application.

How to Tame the Multi-Cloud Monster

The Multi-cloud Monster

Challenges such as compliance failure, unhappy users, data loss, security governance among others make up the muli-cloud monster.

Multi-Cloud Monster

The major challenge has now become melding not just the laaS provider with the internal IT but all the other disparate SaaS and PaaS providers, combined with the breadth of services now available.

Major Security Issues

We have all seen a shift in the market over the last couple of years, whereby security has become a major driver of cloud adoption.

Major Security Issues

1. Targeted phishing attacks

○ Sophisticated attacks involving:

■ Social media research

Targeting of trusted 3rd parties

 Legitimate correspondence

2. Data breaches

○ Cloud storage data breaches via:

Poor identity & permission management

Lack of VM security

Lack of monitoring and alerting systems

How to Tame the Multi-cloud Monster

1. Go back to basics on governance & security

2. Embed security specialists

3. Leverage tools to implement controls

CASB – Cloud Access Security Brokers

• CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Managers

CWPP – Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Privileged Access Managers & Centralised Authentication

• Integrated security monitoring

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