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Secure, resilient and optimised Google Cloud – integrated into your enterprise environment. Secure Agility delivers award-winning enterprise technology expertise in Cloud, infrastructure and  network solutions. We specialise in environments where collaboration and integration are fundamental -often across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, disparate systems and multi-locations.

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Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Run your workloads and applications in a Secure, resilient and reliable hybrid or multi-cloud environment. We will provide insights into application and infrastructure dependencies to understand the best fit infrastructure for your GCP strategy.

Internet of Things

Let us help you review your connected ecosystem to ensure it is optimised from a infrastructure, network and security perspective. Deliver the best customer experience and optimised information management through our services.

Integrated Systems

We provide end to end system integration services across multiple technology stacks. Cloud, network and security focused enterprise-wide visibility provides insight into your environment for data-driven decisions, optimisation and security.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location

For organisations looking to enhance their collaborative environments across multiple geographical regions, offices or stores, we specialise in ensuring your Cloud, network and security infrastructure is optimised, so you can get the most out of your GCP environment.

Google Cloud Platform - Professional Services

Architect and Design

Our specialist consultants will workshop your requirements and assess your current state of readiness. We will gather and map your requirements to architect and design the best approach for your organisation.

Build and Transform

One we have a strategy and plan ready to go, our engineers will get to work building and transforming your architecture to scope. Our project managers will ensure communication channels are open and we’re on the agreed plan.


In parallel to the Build and Transform phase, our engineers will conduct a series of optimisation tests and configurations to ensure your environment in implemented to the highest quality. Optimisations include business function, performance and cost optimisation.


Security is paramount to all of our customers, we can provide infrastructure, network and application security assessments and recommendations; as well as network policy design, documentation and security optimiation.

Google Cloud Platform - Managed Services

Service Desk

Our team of certified Service Desk engineers are ready and on-hand to support customers with incidents, requests and issues. We are dedicated to providing the best customer and technical services 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our Service Delivery team provide insight and overview of your managed services with Secure Agility. We can provide service reports, on-site support services, change, risk and availability management and more.

Management & Monitoring

Our specialist managed services engineers and GCP experts are on-hand to proactively manage and monitor your GCP and other Secure Agility Managed Services. We keep and eye on your environment, so you don't have to.

Google Cloud Platform Specialist Solutions

Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment

Our GCP Consultants will combine years of experience with specialists tooling to provide a right-size assessment of your Google Cloud environment. We will provide recommendations and services to ensure you’re getting the most out of your GCP and Cloud services investment.

Cloud Application Mapping

Cloud Application Mapping

For organisations with a complex or disparate application environment, our consultants can provide Application Mapping services. We will map existing application layout and dependencies, and provide recommendations to migrate your applications to the cloud reducing risk.

GCP Cloud Migration

GCP Cloud Migration

Once you’re ready to action, our certified GCP engineers will be on hand to help you migrate your workloads into GCP. We have purpose built processes to accelerate migration into GCP, and and automation framework to enable multiple concurrent migrations into GCP.

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