If you need to better understand the scope and breakdown of cloud risks and how to deploy security in a frictionless manner to prevent data breaches without negatively impacting your business and development needs — this ebook will provide the guide.

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What you’ll learn from this ebook

• The evolution of cloud computing and cloud security

• How to secure the cloud in your organisation

• The regulatory landscape in the cloud

• How to build an effective cybersecurity team and leverage automation in the cloud

• Coming trends in cloud security

• Best practice recommendations for securing the cloud

Who is the ebook for

• Anyone who oversees the organisation’s IT infrastructure; if you are a chief information officer (CIO), a chief technology officer (CTO), a network practitioner, or a security practitioner.

• If you have a general understanding of cloud computing and how it supports business agility in your company or organisation.

• If you need a better understanding of cloud risks and want to learn how to unfold security to prevent data breaches without it negatively impacting your business.

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