Move your business and staff remote, quickly and securely.

If your business requirements are moving quickly and you are inundated with options and solutions, you need to move with a partner and a solution that you can trust:


  • able to adjust quickly with the changing needs of your organisation


  • by the worlds’ best technology partners including Cisco

No lock in

  • when this passes – don’t be stuck in a solution if you don’t require it


  • by a full service partner who can guide you through all stages

Get-set check

Let’s check your readiness. If you can’t tick all these – we can help you achieve readiness


Internet: Each remote-worker requires access to email, internet and limited file sharing from their remote work site. They also require access to SaaS applications in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365. Yes?
VPN and Endpoint Security: Make sure all users have a laptop or desktop loaded with all of the essential applications they need to do their job. In addition, that device needs to include a pre-configured client to provide VPN connectivity to corporate headquarters. Yes? If No, talk to us
Multifactor Authentication: MFA helps prevent cybercriminals from using stolen passwords to access networked resources. To enable more secure access, every user needs to also be provided with a secure authentication token Included


Let’s Proceed


If I already have one component of the bundle in my environment, can I just choose the others I need?

Yes, QuickStart can be use utilised as a bundle or as individual components.

Will I be committed to this package long term?

No, you will not be locked in to any solution after your QuickStart term expires on 1st July 2020

Do I need to have a current remote workplace solution in place to proceed?

No, this continuity package is agnostic of your current environment.

What onboarding support is included?

Provisioning is limited to enablement, ensuring you are onboarded and provided with portal access. Also includes a start-up lesson to help you navigate the portal and build basic policies. Further configuration past the enablement stage will be quoted as time and materials.