This eBook will walk through what to look for in a backup and recovery solution and how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyberattack without paying any ransom.

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Selecting the Right Backup and Recovery Solution for Cyber Resiliency

Restoring files from a backup should be your safest and most reliable solution for recovering from ransomware. How do you determine what data protection vendor best prepares you for a ransomware attack? While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are critical features of a ransomware remediation plan that all organizations should consider.

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Additional technical requirements of a secure architecture

To ensure proper protection against ransomware, best-in-breed backup and recovery vendors implement strong security controls by design. Here are a few technical requirements when evaluating the underlying architecture:
• Access to the filesystem to perform read/write operations is available to only the vendor at all times and never to an external client.
• Vendor does not expose any standard storage protocols, such as NFS or SMB, for interacting with the filesystem.
• Vendor does not allow read access of data in its native format to external clients.
• Vendor performs backup validation checks to ensure backup data is never changed. This ensures that you only restore exactly what was in the original copy.
• Immutability is native to the filesystem with no user configuration or management needed

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