The transition from traditional infrastructure to a dynamic mix of hybrid, private and public cloud has been largely beneficial.

However, such moves have also come with burgeoning data and dependencies that are difficult to see and manage. This has made optimising performance and spending in cloud environments an invisible art.

In this series, all of this changes. We explore ways you can peel back complexity, to get complete visibility and control over your cloud ecosystem.

Learn how to optimise performance, security, cost and efficiency of your entire cloud environment, with Secure Agility.

We’ll tackle the questions such as:

  • ‘Is Hybrid Cloud more cost-effective?’
  • ‘How to reduce the cost of Cloud Backup’
  • ‘Is my Cloud really optimised?
  • Maintaining compliance in the Cloud
  • How to maintain security in the Cloud

Webinars on demand:

#5 Responding to Cyber Threats

Find out how this classification impacts your sector and the security and compliance obligations of your organisation and protect yourself from the increased risk of cyber-attacks.

#4 ISO 27001 uncovered

In this webinar, we’re revealing how to implement and leverage ISO 27001 for information security.

#3 Overspending in Cloud

In this webinar, we’re revealing how to optimise costs while improving application performance automatically through deep visibility of cloud performance.

#2 Cloud backup

In this webinar, we’re seeking to demystify your options for cloud backup and recovery.


#1 Cloud Costs

Tackling the increasing cost and risk of storing and backing up your data in the cloud. In association with Veeam

Ebooks & blogs

Countering Cyber Threats: Blog

Discover how a combination of training, checklists, and technology can help critical infrastructure managers meet new obligations around managing and reporting security threats.

Cyber Security

Uncover ISO 27001: Blog

Discover how to implement and leverage ISO 27001 for better information security.

uncover iso 27001

Overspending in Cloud: Blog

Explore cloud overspending, and how more advanced AI tools can quickly stamp it out.

Secure Agility

Discover AI ops: eBook

According to Gartner, AIOps is going to drive a major change in operations over the next few years.

Secure Agility AIOPS

Cut cloud costs:  Blog

Looking to cut cloud costs? Start by looking at backups.

Cut cloud costs

4 ways of reducing costs: Ebook

Planning, deployment, monitoring and optimisation
will ensure success in utilising Azure.

4 Azure Considerations

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