ASD Certified - Secure, resilient and agile solutions.

We’ve partnered with Sliced Tech to provide ASD certified professional and managed services to regulated industries and organisations with strict security and compliance requirements. Our tightly integrated partnership provides you with the best expertise across Cloud and infrastructure services, network services, integrated technology, security and compliance.

Professional & Managed Services

IaaS/Managed Infrastructure

Infrastructure architected, designed, delivered and managed to meet your regulatory compliance requirements. Talk to us about your compute, network, storage, gateway and remote access requirements.

PaaS/Managed Platform

Our certified teams will design, manage and monitor your platform requirements from Server management, to Database Management, to Storage and Disaster Recovery as a Service, to Network and Security Management and more - we can help.

SaaS/Managed Application

For specialist regulated industries, we provide Managed Application services on a number of solutions including Service Desk as a Service, CRM as a Service, Virtual Desktop as a Service and Hadoop as a Service - talk to us about your application requirements.

Security & Compliance

We provide a number of solutions to reduce risk and increase the resilience of your environment. ASD Certified Cloud Services, Identity and Access, Network, Application, System, Data and Operational Security. - speak to us about your security requirements

Industries that we help

State & Federal Government

Speak to us about your next project, whether you’re looking at migrating to GovDC, transforming your infrastructure, or optimising your environment, our experience and ASD Certified consultants can help.


Protect your students and staffs with a secure and compliant infrastructure in place. Optimise your IT investment and enable your teams to embrace new technology.

Financial Services

Enhance customer experience with a secure and robust environment. Enable teams to transform your IT environment all while reducing maintenance and management overheads.


Reliable, secure and optmised environments to ensure your customers receive the best experience 24/7. Empower your teams with the right infrastructure to deliver customer-first success.


Secure, resilient and compliant solutions to ensure your infrastructure stays online to service your staff, stakeholders and patients. Optimised to reduce overheads and ensure you get the best for your investment.

Transport & Ulilities

Reliable and secure solutions to ensure you provide the best service to your customers without the distractions of maintaining and managing your ICT environment.

Working together for you.

Integrated Services

Having worked together on a number of projects, Secure Agility and Sliced Tech have developed a tightly integrated approach to customer engagement and project management so you can benefit from a seamless approach.

Access to experience

You have access to Secure Agility's depth of knowledge in Network, End-user-computing and integrated systems; coupled with Sliced Tech's extensive expertise in security and compliance. Backed by our combined experience across Cloud and infrastructure in regulated industries.

Best of breed solutions

We have certified engineers and consultants across a number of leading technologies to ensure you receive a right-fit solution for your strategic, technical and regulatory requirements.

Sliced Tech Logo

Sliced Tech’s clouds are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant, supported by fully redundant infrastructure with a minimum of N+1 hardware and telecommunications services. Customer systems and our own systems are audited, certified and accredited by agencies against Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and Information Security Manual (ISM) requirements, in addition to industry best practice.

Sliced Tech undertakes annual IRAP Audits, at the PROTECTED level, of our Australian Signals Directorate(ASD) Certified Gateway and Cloud systems against the PSPF and ISM controls.

Sliced Tech is:

  • • 1 of only 7 ASD certified Cloud providers in Australia
  • • 1 of only 4 platform agnostic ICT service providers
  • • 1 of only 7 ASD Certified Gateway service

Sliced Tech has achieved both Unclassified DLM and Certified Protected ASD Certifications, across all 3 service models for Cloud computing: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

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